Fissure Sealants - What are they?

The fine bristles of your child's tooth brush often times cannot reach fissures and grooves in their teeth. Plaque (bacteria) build up produces an acid that can cause decay when it is trapped in these fissures and grooves. Adult molars tend to have natural deep grooves and pits in them.

Fissure sealants are a fluoride based filling material. They fill in these deep grooves and pits, stopping plaque from being trapped in them. This helps protect the tooth against decay.

This is a simple pain free procedure, and is generally performed on the 6 year old adult molars and 12 year old adult molars. Please feel free to ask our staff about this.

Contact our practice on 02 4655 2075 to learn more about fissure sealants and the best option for your child.

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